JSIS Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services


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Specialties: Personal & Commercial Risk Management and Insurance services for high value target items and businesses including but not limited to personal collections, jewelers, fine art dealers, armored car carriers, pawn brokers & check cashing locations. Established in 1995. As a direct response to growing customer needs, Jewelers Specialty Insurance Services (a sub division of Meslee Insurance Inc.) was founded, which operates as a commercial insurance brokerage catering to the Fine Art and Jewelry Industries. J.S.I.S. offers comprehensive commercial policies to the likes of jewelers, dealers, auctioneers, art galleries, pawnbrokers, check cashing establishments, museums, armored car companies and more. Furthermore, J.S.I.S. offers Exhibition Insurance, Shipping Insurance (Land, Air, Rail and Sea) as well as Prize Insurance policies. Lastly, it serves individuals with a facility that insures personal collectibles such as stamp or coin collections, sports memorabilia, fine art, jewelry and gold bullion.


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