When you are distracted, the pickpockets strike

Pickpockets 'work' in selected places in the city, where many people are gathered, and where you easily get distracted

When we are out and enjoy the summer in Copenhagen in Nyhavn, for street parties or at larger stations like the Central Station and Nørreport Station, where many people are gathered, we are easy to distract - and then the pickpockets strike.

Therefore, the City of Copenhagen is now launching the street party Distortion the campaign Pickpockets Love Distractions. This is done in collaboration with the Copenhagen Police and a large number of the city's major players, among others. Distortion, Night Names, Your Public Transport (DOT), Illum, G4S, Frederiksberg Municipality, Espresso House and Electricity.

The number of pickpockets has fallen in recent years, but there is still a need to make the younger Copenhageners and tourists especially aware of how best to avoid pickpockets.

“It is fantastic that we in Copenhagen experience fewer pickpockets. But like in many other big cities, we still have a challenge and must continue to make life difficult for the pickpockets. We work closely with the police to prevent pickpockets so that Copenhagen remains a safe place for Copenhageners and tourists, ”says Mayor Frank Jensen (S).  

The pickpockets operate professionally and systematically:

"The pockets operate the places where many people who are rush hour or when people are heading home after a fun night out. We make continuous and targeted efforts in the most vulnerable places, but it is always an advantage if you are also extra aware of keeping your things close to your body, ”says police director of Copenhagen Police, Anne Tønnes.

The campaign Pickpockets Love Distractions runs the next two weeks in the urban space, on social media and with the distribution of good advice at Distortion and selected places in the city where pocket thieves often happen - among other things at Copenhagen Central Station.

“In bus, train and metro, we have thousands of customers every day, and our buses, trains, stations and bus stops are immediately obvious places for pickpockets to turn on. We would like to help our customers remember to be extra attentive so that they avoid a boring experience with us. That's why we support the campaign ”, says Camilla Struckmann, Chairman of the Board of DOT. 

Make it difficult for the pickpocket - remember the following three good tips: 

  • Be aware of your things when you are among many people.
  • Place your phone and purse a safe place.
  • Always cover your PIN when you pay by card or open your mobile.

Five places pickpockets love:

  • The stretch between Amaliehaven and The Little Mermaid
  • New Harbor
  • Stroget
  • Hauptbahnhof
  • Noerreport station

Facts about pocket and trick theft

  • Pickpockets often go beyond young people between 20-31 and tourists.  
  • In 2016 there were 30,406 reported pockets of robbery in the City of Copenhagen, while in 2018 the figure was 19,908 - a decrease of 35 per cent. 
  • Pocket thefts typically occur when one is busy or distracted by something else. For example, in cafes where the phone is on the table when standing on the escalator, or when traveling on shopping streets with many people. 



Facts about the campaign


The campaign runs all over Copenhagen in weeks 22 and 23 and kicks off on 27 May at an event in the Absalon Cultural Center. Here are the women behind the podcast Fries Before Guys for an evening about Distortion, and how to best fit on themselves and their belongings during the street party.


The City of Copenhagen and the Copenhagen Police will, during the campaign (May 27, 15-16 and May 29, 14-15), hand out good advice to protect themselves against theft in places, the pickpockets are particularly happy, such as Højbro Square, Queen Louise's Bridge, Kgs. Nytorv and at the Central Station.



The campaign is carried out by the City of Copenhagen in co-operation with the Copenhagen Police and a number of partners: 7-Eleven, Arthur Hotels, Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport, Best Western Plus Hotel City Copenhagen, Copenhagen Airport, Cph Visitor Service, Danish Business, Danish Industry, Danish Restaurants and Cafes, The Chinese Embassy, ​​The Crime Prevention Council, Distortion, DSB, Metroselskabet and MOVIA (DOT), Espresso House Denmark, Finance Denmark, Frederiksberg Municipality, G4S, Horesta, Huset-KBH, Illum A / S, Jeudan (Torvehallerne), KBH K Commerce & Culture, Wonderful Copenhagen, Magazine du Nord, Natteravnene, Never Mind Nightclub and Strømma.

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