St1 plans new bioethanol plant in Finland

St1’s new plant will produce bioethanol vehicle fuel from sawdust.

Finnish energy company St1 is planning a new facility in Kajaani, northern Finland, that will produce bioethanol from the sawdust that comes as a side-product of the sawmill industry. St1 is aiming to make its investment decision about the bioethanol plant this year, which would enable production to start in 2015.

According to St1, the best potential for bioethanol production is in raw materials containing cellulose, such as sawdust, straw and recycled fibre. The company is building a network of ethanol plants in Finland with the aim of reaching an annual capacity of 300 million litres in the 2020s. The annual production capacity of the Kajaani plant is 10 million litres.

Sustainable bioethanol

St1 opened its first ethanol plant in 2007 and currently has seven plants in Finland producing ethanol from biowaste and food industry residues. According to St, it is producing the most sustainable bioethanol for transportation use in the world. The bioethanol is made from waste and industrial side streams with the Etanolix method, which has a unique carbon dioxide balance due to using waste as feedstock, using renewable energy in production, applying new energy efficient process and technology, and reduced transportation needs.

In addition to its seven bioethanol plants in Finland, St1 has a refinery in Sweden and a total of about 1200 St1 and Shell branded retail stations in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

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09 February 2013

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