Fast-growing Flybe Finland establishes new business unit

Flybe Finland has doubled its turnover, size of fleet and number of employees since it was established in 2011.

Flybe Finland has established a new business unit, Flybe Finland Ground, in response to its strong growth over the past two years. Flybe Finland is part of the British Flybe Group and was established in August 2011 as a joint venture with Finnair.

Since 2011, Flybe Finland’s turnover, fleet size and number of employees has doubled. In addition to its own routes, Flybe Finland operates about a third of Finnair’s European routes.

More services

Flybe Finland Ground will initially focus on the Helsinki-Vantaa airport where it will develop services to support Flybe’s own operations. In the future Flybe Finland Ground will also offer ground services to other airlines in Finland and overseas.

The company will be using subcontractors for different parts of the ground services but the business and management responsibilities will be centralised in the Flybe Finland Ground unit. In addition to flight operations, Flybe Finland Ground also provides air traffic services and training.

Janne Rostén has started as the Head of Ground Operations at Flybe Finland Oy on 4 March.

Source: Flybe Finland

05 April 2013

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