Commission welcomes Greek commitment to ensure independent and reliable statistics

Brussels, 1st March 2012 - The Commission has adopted a Decision approving Greece's Commitment on Confidence in Statistics, which was endorsed by the Greek Parliament and signed by Prime Minister Lucas Papademos. The Communication 'Towards robust quality management for European Statistics' adopted by the Commission in April 2011, outlined the need to improve the governance of European statistics and invited all Member States to sign up to 'Commitments on Confidence in Statistics'. The Greek commitment is the first one signed by a Member State. The Commission also intends to propose an amendment to the EU Regulation on Statistics, requiring all Member States to sign similar Commitments on Confidence in the future.

In its Commitment, the Greek government makes a number of pledges with a view to ensuring that statistics is reliable, credible and independently compiled. These include ensuring that Greek statistics meet European and international quality standards and defending the professional independence of the Greek statistical authority (ELSTAT). An annex to the Commitment lists areas for improvement, which are due to be incorporated into the Greek Statistical Law before the end of March. An independent statistical advisory board will be created to oversee the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice by the Greek statistical system.

Today's Decision takes note of the progress that has been made in improving the quality and reliability of Greek statistics since 2010, thanks, amongst other things, to a joint ELSTAT/Eurostat statistical action plan. On behalf of the Commission, Algirdas Šemeta, European Commissioner responsible for statistics, has counter-signed the Greek Commitment on Confidence.

At this occasion, Commissioner Šemeta said: "Reliable statistics are essential for governments, businesses, citizens and the markets to take informed and rational decisions. Credible statistics are the basis for public trust in economic policies and programmes. I welcome Greece's commitment to quality statistics, and will support all work to ensure that Greek data is of the highest quality possible."

The Commission will continue to give technical support to Greece in the area of statistics, and will monitor the implementation of the Commitment on Confidence.

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01 March 2012

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