Lithuania is interested to maintain closest possible EU-UK relations

“Lithuania is interested to maintain the closest possible relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom, particularly in the areas of foreign policy, security and internal market”, said Prime Minister AlgirdasButkevičius on the British referendum outcomes, respecting the will expressed by the UK citizens not to relate their country’s future with the European Union membership.

Hoping that the UK will remain a close partner of the EU in all key areas, the Prime Minister underlines Lithuania’s support for the European Union, its ideas and values.

“We take care of all our fellow countrymen who live abroad, therefore we will do our best to defend the interests of the Lithuanian citizens in future negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom”, said the Prime Minister.

According to the Head of Government, it is too early to speak about the potential specific impact of the UK decision on business, as there is still a long way to go as regards the EU-UK cooperation nuances. The Government will seek to involve businesses in the efforts to defend our country’s economic interests in future meetings and consultations.

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